After completing BA in English Literature, she received her MA degree in Art Management. In 2011 together with İpek Çankaya, she co-founded the self-sustaining art initiative halka art project (

Her artistic practice generally depends on collecting and connecting in order to dream further about the familiar. She looks for the ways to transfer and translate life experiences by creating visual/textual/spatial compositions.

Selected Group Exhibitions


  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, halka art project, Istanbul

  • Çağrışımlar, mecra, Istanbul


  • A Room of Our Own/ Bize Ait Bir Oda, ARK Kültür, Istanbul


  • Atlas of the Sleepless/ Uykusuzlar Atlası, halka art project, Istanbul

  • Past, in Each of Its Moments, be Citable, On Walter Benjamin's Concept of History in the City of Istanbul/ Her Anıyla Alıntılanan Geçmiş, Walter Benjamin'in Tarih Kavramı Üzerine bir Sergi Denemesi, DEPO, Istanbul

  • Shinrin Yoku, TÜYAP Art Fair Artist, halka art project, Istanbul


  • Escritor/a...Yazar...Nivîskar group show, halka art project , Istanbul

  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, halka art project, Istanbul


  • Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosity: An Ethnographic Essay on Collecting, Preserving and Exhibiting, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, halka art project, Istanbul

  • Old Memories New Links group show, Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco


  • I beg your pardon I didn't recognise you, I've changed a lot/ Kusura Bakmayın Çok Değiştiğim için Sizi Tanıyamadım, halka art project, Istanbul

  • Next to Nothing, Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco


  • Unfair Provocation/ Haksız Tahrik, Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul