After studying English Literature, I received my MA degree in Art Management. In 2011 together with İpek Çankaya, I co-founded the self-sustaining art initiative halka art project. My art making generally depends on collecting and connecting in order to dream more about the familiar and the remote. I look for the ways to transfer and translate life experiences by creating visual/textual/spatial compositions.


  • For the Last Two days.../ Son İki Gündür..., A Room of Our Own/ Bize Ait Bir Oda group show, ARK Kültür, Istanbul


  • What if it goes on like this / Ya hep böyle giderse, Atlas of the Sleepless/ Uykusuzlar Atlası group                   show, halka art project, Istanbul

  • Adonyl Elixir, Past, in Each of Its Moments, be Citable, On Walter Benjamin's Concept of History in the City of Istanbul/ Her Anıyla Alıntılanan Geçmiş, Walter Benjamin'in Tarih Kavramı Üzerine bir Sergi Denemesi, Depo, Tophane, Istanbul


  • M.G's life that she has forgotten- Agendas/ M.G'nin unuttuğu hayatı- Ajandalar, Escritor/a...Yazar...Nivîskar group show, halka art project , Istanbul

  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, halka art project booth, Istanbul


  • Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, halka art project, Contemporary Cabinet of Curiosity: An Ethnographic Essay on Collecting, Preserving and Exhibiting group show, Istanbul

  • For the last two days/ Son iki gündür, Old Memories New Links group show, Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco


  • I beg your pardon I didn't recognise you, I've changed a lot/ Kusura Bakmayın Çok Değiştiğim için Sizi Tanıyamadım group show, halka sanat, Istanbul

  • Shinrin Yoku, Next to Nothing group show, Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco


  • co-curating Carnaval solo exhibition by Dogu Cankaya, Kadıköy Ferry Dock Exhibition Space, Istanbul

  • Kimse görmedi, Unfair Provocation group show, Hafriyat Karaköy, Istanbul


  • Working with Alternative Materials in Plastic Arts, İrfan Önürmen Workshop, Akbank Sanat Contemporary Art Atelier, Istanbul


  • Doing all the things left undone,  Neriman Polat Workshop, Akbank Sanat Contemporary Art Atelier, Istanbul